The surgery

Dr. J.Colbert Feuhouo
Doctor of Medicine


14-16, Boulevard des sports - Pôle médical des Champs Alizés - 77700 Bailly-Romainvilliers
If you would like to request an appointment with Dr. FEUHOUO call his clinic at 01 60 42 99 94 or request an appointment online

opening hours
Monday 09:30 à 17:30 Endoscopy procedures in chateau Thierry hospital
Tuesday 14:00 à 19:00 consultations
Wednesday 08:30 à 18:30  
Thursday 14:00 à 19:00 consultations

08:30 à 12:30

14:00 à 19:00

Endoscopy procedures at St Faron private clinic in Mareuil les meaux


For dental emergencies

Access :
Rer Marne La Vallée - Bus 31  

DR FEUHOUO is a French  gastro-enterologist   registered by the French medical council   RPPS number 




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